giovedì 25 febbraio 2016


Hi New project is called "Hajime no ippo stop motion" I started two years ago, this ambitious project I plan on episodes of the short films I am taken from the manga of "Hajime no ippo" The project is structured in this way. processing in 3d print heads. here is a picture of the main character Ippo Makunouchi, Here I had printed the head of the ippo makunouchi puppet PROTOCUBE other prototypes of ippo Makunouchi Face of the first prototype, but, do not like! 3d modeling of an expression ippo First 3D modeling of ippo expressions, but not like Gradually, we come to this modeling, I think this is better. This ippo Makunouchi model, similar facial lineaments to ippo There will be other characters in the saga. with unpublished battles! A FAN'S NO PROFIT PROJECT BASED UPON" はじめの一歩" of 森川 ジョージ all rights reserved by Kodansha we decline any responsibility for the improper usage of any information and/or resource to be found in this site

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